Halloween on Waikiki, Hawaii

The festival of terror is also celebrated to the full on Hawaii, the largest island in the Hawaiian US archipelago in the central Pacific. Harvest festivals, street fairs and spooky Halloween parties find their home in Hawaii. In this post, we show you how Halloween is celebrated in Hawaii and what you can experience there at this time of year.

Lahaina Halloween Party

Arguably the most celebrated and biggest holiday party, the Lahaina Halloween Party takes place on Maui. Not only are magnificent costumes presented here, but there is also plenty of live music, a costume contest and a fantastic parade.

Keiki costume contest

The annual Reiki Costume Contest is held at the Royal Grove in Honolulu. There, children, teenagers and adults can win numerous prizes in the costume categories of most creative costumes, most unique costumes, cutest costumes and ohana costumes. There are also numerous fun activities such as a photo box, balloon art, giveaways and much more.

Educational Pumpkin Tour

At Oahu's annual Pumpkin Tour, families can enjoy many activities, including hay rides, searching for, harvesting and buying pumpkins, playing games and eating delicious farmer's food. For many Hawaiian families, this is considered an essential family tradition.

Haunted Plantation at Hawaii's Plantation Village, Waipahu

For those with strong nerves, the Haunted Plantation in Waipahu is just right. This is one of the scariest haunted houses and it is located in a real haunted village. Around 60 actors were integrated here, who are supposed to create a real shiver with their creepy looks. However, children are not welcome here.


The Hallowbaloo is a major festival held annually on the streets of Honolulu's Chinatown Arts District. Halloween is celebrated here with lots of crazy and spooky costumes, live music, tasty dishes and lots of entertainment activities.

Kalakaua Avenue

Halloween is also a big topic in our place of origin, Waikiki. The annual Kalakaua Avenue event takes place there in the central avenue. On the central avenue there are various bars, each with its own party, filled with costumed and cheerful people.

As you can see, Halloween in Hawaii, in the Pacific island chain, is a huge attraction and is celebrated to the fullest. According to mythology, terrifying costumes are used to frighten off evil spirits. Large fires are also said to keep evil spirits away on Halloween night. For many people, Halloween night is just for fun these days: rightly so! There are extensive attractions that welcome fall and bring families and friends together.