Pimples and blemishes - how to get rid of them!

Everyone has had to deal with blemishes on their skin at some point. These can not only look unsightly, but sometimes also cause pain. In this article we will tell you how you can gently prevent and remove impurities.

The emergence of blackheads

There are sebaceous glands in the skin which produce sebum to protect the skin. These make the surface of the skin greasy to prevent it from drying out. They also protect against the ingress of pathogens and other external environmental influences. If the sebaceous glands become clogged, blackheads can develop.

The emergence of pimples

If a pimple develops on the skin, this is due to an extraordinary production of sebum. If a pore is filled with a lot of sebum, which cannot escape, bacteria will multiply. This is followed by an inflammatory reaction to remove the bacteria. The pore fills with pus, which results in a pimple. In addition, bacteria can also develop as a result of damage to the natural skin barrier. If this is destroyed by aggressive cleaning products, for example, bacteria can get into the pores and cause subsequent inflammation.

How can pimples and impurities be prevented?

Regular cleansing and care is essential to avoiding impurities on the skin. Especially when cleaning, gentle and high-quality products should be used. Many cleansing products, due to their acidic content, attack the skin's natural layer, which serves the opposite of its intended purpose, which is to allow bacteria to penetrate the skin. It is important that the cleansing product gently opens the pores to remove sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. A cleansing lotion is recommended here, as it enables gentle cleansing and provides the skin with additional moisture. It is important that the skin is not cleaned too often. This results in excessive sebum production as cleaning dries the skin. The skin tries to regulate the moisture balance by producing sebum.

The right skin care

A proper care routine contributes to clear and flawless skin. This provides the skin with plenty of moisture and thus prevents excessive sebum production due to dryness. High-quality care products also provide the skin with rich active ingredients that contribute to a flawless appearance. Our care products contain natural CBD oil in their formulations, which have an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. In addition, they promote natural cell renewal and allow more elasticity in the skin, which leaves an anti-aging effect. Thanks to the cannabinoid receptors of the human body, which are found on the skin, CBD is ideal for absorption and is therefore considered a very well-tolerated active ingredient.

A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle works wonders for the skin. For example, an unhealthy diet contributes to skin aging due to the increase in unhealthy fats. These excess trans fats clog the blood vessels, which leads to poor blood flow and loss of elasticity. Smoking cigarettes also has a negative impact on the complexion. This causes the blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin to narrow. Smoking thus causes dry and sallow skin and promotes the development of premature wrinkling. For clear skin, stress factors should also be avoided. Stress affects the hormonal balance and increases the release of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These influence sebum production by stimulating increased production. The natural skin barrier is also weakened, which leads to poorer protection against bacteria.

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